Aidan Schofield's Home Page

Professor of Pure Mathematics
Office: 2.3 Tel. (0117) 928 7972
E-mail address:
School of Mathematics, University of Bristol,
Clifton, Bristol, AVON, BS8 1TW, UK

Research interests

  • Representation theory of finite dimensional algebras.
  • Vector bundles on curves and surfaces.
  • Invariant theory and the study of rings with polynomial identities.
  • You can find some discussion of my research here.
    In creating this, I found out a little about writing and viewing mathematics on the Web which may be useful to you. In case this is so look here

    Here is a page about the graduate lectures we are giving this year.


    Here is some stuff for second year linear algebra

    Here is some stuff for third year number theory
    Here is a game I made for the group theory course.

    Here are the solution sheets and problem sheets:
    Sheet 1
    Sheet 2
    Sheet 3
    Sheet 4
    Sheet 5
    Sheet 6