Dr Oliver Gray, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I began my first postgraduate research fellowship at the University of Bristol in September 2009, after completing my PhD at the University of Augsburg, Germany.

My research interests are primarily in conformal field theory, geometry and physics. In particular I worked on the complete classification of the N=2 minimal superconformal field theories in my doctoral thesis, which can be found here.

Since moving to Bristol I became interested in aspects of quantum information. I was a co-organiser of the first, second and upcoming third Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms Days at Bristol.

Last year I organised the Category Theory seminar in Bristol, and along with Owen Patashnick, co-organised the Heilbronn Workshop on String Theory and Arithmetic Geometry 2012.

For a complete list of publications and pre-prints, click here.

You can also find a copy of my CV here.


Clifton Suspension Bridge

The 3rd Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms Day

Upcoming workshop in Bristol, 25th April 2013.