Heilbronn Workshop on String Theory and Arithmetic Geometry

3rd - 7th September 2012

Organisers: Oliver Gray, Owen Patashnick

Sponsor: Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research

Poster: can be downloaded from here


The aim of this Heilbronn workshop is to bring together people interested in motivic descriptions of physical ideas with those interested in symmetries and dualities of high-energy physics from an algebraic perspective.

While we are interested in exploring the use of derived categories in both motive-like pursuits and their appearance in particle and string theories, we hope to emphasize the computational aspects of these areas so as to have as many concrete examples as possible.

We plan to have a mix of talks and (directed) informal brainstorming sessions to continue bridging the gap between physicists and mathematicians.

The conference will be held in the Mathematics Department of the University of Bristol during the week of the 3rd - 7th September 2012.

Applications are invited for a limited number of contributed talks. Please send a title and abstract to the organisers by the registration deadline.

There will be limited funding available to young researchers. Please request funding when registering.

Invited Speakers

Contributed Talks