Number theory and polynomials

03 April 2006 to
07 April 2006

Contact Person: Cathy Badley

Organisers: James McKee

This workshop, at the Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK, sponsored by the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, covered a wide range of problems in number theory, with a unifying theme of polynomials.

Main Speakers

  • Julian Aguirre (Bilbao): Integer Chebyshev constants and the trace of algebraic integers
  • Francesco Amoroso (Caen): Lower bounds for the height and size of the class group
  • Roger Baker (Brigham Young): Quadratic polynomials modulo one
  • Marie Jose Bertin (Paris): Mahler measure from number theory to geometry
  • Frits Beukers (Utrecht): Calculation of rational J-maps
  • Peter Borwein (Simon Fraser): Some highly computational problems somewhere between
  • Steve Cohen (Glasgow): Explicit theorems on generator polynomials over finite fields
  • Arturas Dubickas (Vilnius): The set of Mahler measures of integer polynomials
  • Tamas Erdelyi (Texas A&M): Inequalities for exponential sums
  • Graham Everest (UEA): On primitive prime divisors of polynomial sequences
  • Michael Filaseta (South Carolina): Irreducibility and coprimality algorithms for sparse
  • Simon Kristensen (Aarhus): Metric Diophantine approximation with polynomials
  • Michael Mossinghoff (Davidson)
  • Andrzej Schinzel (Warsaw): The reduced length of a polynomial