Mathematical Methods in Philosophy

19 September 2008 to
21 September 2008

Contact Person: Helen Craven

Organisers: Philip Welch

This is the fourth in a series of meetings exploring mathematical methods in epistemology, semantics, theories of truth, and philosophy of mathematics.
It is jointly supported by the British Academy, the London Mathematical Society, and the British Logic Colloquium (with further financial support from the University).

Main Speakers

  • Riccardo Bruni (Florence)
  • Martin Fischer (Leuven)
  • Harvey Friedman (Ohio S.)
  • Peter Koellner (Harvard)
  • Ofra Magidor (Oxford)
  • Jeff Paris (Manchester)
  • Alex Paseau (Oxford)
  • Richard Pettigrew (Bristol)
  • Gabriel Uzquiano (Oxford)
  • Jouko Vaananen (Amsterdam)
  • Andreas Weiermann (Ghent)
  • Alan Weir (Glasgow)