Centre for Environmental Flows

Work conducted in the Research Centre for Environmental and Geophysical Flows at Bristol has saved life and property in areas affected by avalanche.

The researchers who use the Centre aim to understand the fundamental principles that govern natural fluid flows and to apply this understanding to practical problems.

The staff of the Centre, with international reputations in the applications of fluid dynamics to environmental and geoscience problems, are drawn from the departments of Earth Sciences, Geography, Civil Engineering and Mathematics at Bristol.

The approach of the Centre is to combine field observations, laboratory experiments, theoretical modeling and numerical simulation.

Students get involved with experimental research.

Experimental research

Studies include such diverse topics as river hydrology, volcano dynamics, traffic flow on motorways, explosions, fluid flow in fractured rock, wave breaking and mixing events, sediment transport, coastal geomorphology and core meltdown in nuclear reactors.

The lab was opened on 15 July 2002, tripling the previous facilities and making room for new tilting flumes and chutes for experiments on particle-driven and granular flows.