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Research Interests


Mechanics 1 (official page & for extra info, running Jan 27th - May 7, 2015)

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Kerswell, R.R. ``The instability of precessing flow'' Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dynam. 72, 107-144, 1993.
Kerswell, R.R. ``Tidal excitation of hydromagnetic waves and their damping in the Earth'' J. Fluid Mech. 274, 219-241, 1994.
Kerswell, R.R. ``Upper bounds on general dissipation functionals in turbulent shear flows: revisiting the `efficiency' functional'' J. Fluid Mech. 461, 239-275, 2002.
Wedin, H. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Exact coherent structures in pipe flow: travelling wave solutions'' (colour version) J. Fluid Mech. 508, 333-371, 2004.
Kerswell, R.R. & Tutty, O.R. ``Recurrence of travelling waves in transitional pipe flow'' (colour version) J. Fluid Mech. 584, 69-102, 2007.
Pringle, C.C.T., Duguet, Y. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Highly symmetric travelling waves in pipe flow''(colour version) Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A 367, 457-472, 2009 (TW videos).
Pringle, C.C.T. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Using nonlinear transient growth to construct the minimal seed for shear flow turbulence'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 154502, 2010.
Chandler, G.J. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Simple invariant solutions embedded in 2D Kolmogorov turbulence'' J. Fluid Mech. 722, 554-595, 2013.

Rabin, S.M.E., Caulfield, C.P. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Designing a more nonlinearly stable laminar flow via boundary manipulation'' J. Fluid Mech. 738, R1, 2014.
Chantry, M., Willis, A.P. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Genesis of streamwise-localized solutions from globally periodic travelling waves in pipe flow'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 164501, 2014.
Lucas, D. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Spatiotemporal dynamics in 2D Kolmogorov flow over large domains'' (movies) J. Fluid Mech. 750, 518-554, 2014.
Kerswell, R.R., Pringle, C.C.T. and Willis, A.P. ``An optimisation approach for analysing nonlinear stability with transition to turbulence in fluids as an exemplar'' Rep. Prog. Phys. 77, 085901, 2014.
Chantry, M. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Localization in a spanwise-extended model of plane Couette flow'' accepted.
Lucas, D. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Recurrent flow analysis in spatiotemporally chaotic 2-dimensional Kolmogorov flow''
Pringle, C.C.T., Willis, A.P. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Fully localized nonlinear energy growth optimals in pipe flow''


Ashley Willis, EPSRC-funded 2005-2008 (now Lecturer at Sheffield Univ.)
Yohann Duguet, Marie-Curie Fellow 2006-2008 (now CNRS, LIMSI, Paris)
Laurent Lacaze, Marie-Curie Fellow 2006-2008 (now CNRS, IMFT, Toulouse)
Mark Woodhouse, Renishaw & North Bristol NHS Trust funded 2007-2009 (followed by postdocs at Manchester and Bristol Universities)
Gary Chandler, EPSRC-funded 2010-2011 (now dabbling in the Tokyo stock market)
Dan Lucas, EPSRC-funded 2012-2013 (now postdocing at UCD with Dr. Miguel Bustamante)
Colin Leclercq, EPSRC-funded 2014-2016

Graduate students:

Darren Mason 1995-1999 (now working at IPL, Bath, in software development).
Denise Cooper (née Barnes) 1996-2000 (senior software engineer at Radan Computational Ltd, Bath, in CAD).
Robert Mason 1998-2001 (followed by a postdoc in Earth Science with Prof. S. Sparks and is now working at Serco Assurance, Dorchester, in scientific consultancy).
Stephen Plasting 2000-2004 (followed by a postdoc at Scripps Oceanographic Institute, San Diego with Prof. W.R. Young; now a Vice-President at Goldman Sachs, New York).
Hakan Wedin 2001-2004 (followed by postdocs at Kyoto University with Prof. M. Nagata and now Genoa University with Prof. A. Bottaro).
Chris Pringle 2005-2009 (followed by postdocs at Reading and Nottingham Universities, now Senior Lecturer at Coventry University from Sept 2013).
Helen Sweeney 2008-2011 (now training with Teach First).
Samuel Rabin 2009-2013, co-supervised with Dr Colm Caulfield (now at Credit Suisse, London).
Matthew Chantry 2010-2014 (now in Paris with Prof. L. Tuckerman).
Judith Robinson 2012-2014.
Daniel Olvera 2012-present.