Sean Prendiville's Home Page

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Office: Office 2.16, 2nd Floor, Howard House, Queens Avenue, Bristol, BS8 1SD, United Kingdom

Research Interests: The Hardy-Littlewood Circle Method, Arithmetic Combinatorics.



Number Theory and Group Theory.  First year course, University of Bristol, Autumn 2012.

Galois Theory.  Fourth year course, University of Bristol, Autumn 2012.


[1]  S.M. Prendiville, Solution-free sets for sums of binary forms, P. London Math. Soc. (accepted, to appear), 36pp.

[2]  S.T Parsell, S.M. Prendiville and T.D. Wooley, Near-optimal mean value estimates for multidimensional Weyl sums, submitted, 58pp.

[3]  S.M. Prendiville, On solution-free multidimensional sets of integers, 28pp.

PhD Thesis.  Completed under the supervision of Prof. T. D. Wooley, FRS.

Lecture Notes.

Aspects of Sieve Methods From a Slightly Personal Point of View (draft) - A series of 12 lectures given by Prof. Christopher Hooley FRS in January 2009 and January 2010.  Comments and corrections would be gratefully received at the above email address.

Analytic Number Theory - A course given by T.D. Browning (autumn 2007). These notes comprise only half the course.


Newton's Identities on symmetric polynomials.


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