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 Research on Wavelets


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Distinguished Lecture Series 2015
8th April - Powell Lecture Theatre, 9th and 10th April - Tyndall Lecture Theatre
The 2015 Distinguished Lecture Series, in collaboration with the Heilbronn Institute, will be given by Professor Scott Sheffield of…
8th - 10th April 2015
Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms Meeting 2015
Engineer's House, Bristol
This is an exciting time to be studying quantum algorithms. As the technological challenges of building a quantum computer continue…
13th - 14th April 2015


Damian Osajda
Embedding expanders into groups and…
Monday 2nd March 2015, 16:00
Logic and Set Theory Seminar
Dugald MacPherson
Vapnik-Chervonenkis density and model…
Tuesday 3rd March 2015, 14:30
Daniel El-Baz
Project Adeles
Wednesday 4th March 2015, 11:00
Algebra and Geometry
Neil Saunders
Exotic Springer Fibres
Wednesday 4th March 2015, 14:30