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Mixing microfluids

The holy grail of smooth mixing is tricky with microfluids.


Heilbronn Annual Conference 2014
Pugsley Lecture Theatre, 1.40 Queens Building, University Walk
The 2014 Heilbronn Annual Conference will be held at the University of…
11th - 12th September 2014
Additive Combinatorics @ Bristol
School of Mathematics, University of Bristol
We will be holding a 1-day meeting in additive combinatorics in Bristol on Thursday, 18th September 2014. The main speakers are…
18th September 2014


Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
Mike Todd
Dynamical systems with holes: slow…
Thursday 4th September 2014, 15:00
Alex Bartel
Heuristics for Arakelov class groups
Wednesday 10th September 2014, 14:30
Probability and Statistics
Alexander Holroyd
[Unusual time and location: SM4 !!]…
Wednesday 10th September 2014, 15:40
Hendrik Lenstra
Commensurability of automorphism groups
Wednesday 10th September 2014, 16:00