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 Research on Polynomials


Visualising integer solutions to polynomial equations.


SuSTaIn EdgeCutter One Day Workshop on "Astrostatistics"
Royal Statistical Society, London, UK
This workshop will present a selection of cutting edge international research in the rapidly growing discipline of Astrostatistics.…
17th December 2014
Dynamic networks and cyber-security
Engineers' House, The Promenade, Clifton Down
This workshop focusses on diverse modern approaches for the analysis of dynamic networks structures, directed toward the analysis…
22nd - 24th June 2015


Fluids and Materials
Christian Klein
Multidomain spectral method for…
Thursday 30th October 2014, 14:00
Karen Vogtmann
Cycles in outer space
Thursday 30th October 2014, 16:00
Mathematical Physics
Cecile Mailler
Condensation and symmetry-breaking in…
Friday 31st October 2014, 14:00
Probability and Statistics
Frank Redig
Duality theory via examples
Friday 31st October 2014, 14:15