John McNamara

Prof John McNamara

PhD Mathematics

Office: 4.10
Department of Mathematics
University Walk, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1TW, U.K.

Telephone: +44 (0)117 928-7986
Extension: 87986
Mail: john.mcnamara


MA Mathematics
University of Oxford (1971)
MSc Astronomy
Sussex University (1972)
PhD Mathematics
University of Oxford (1977)


Stress, resource allocation and mortality (2005)
McNamara, J. M. and Buchanan, K. L.
Behavioral Ecology vol: 16 , Pages: 1008 - 1017

Annual routines of non-migratory birds: optimal moult strategies (2006)
Barta Z., Houston, A. I., McNamara, J. M., Welham, R. K., Hedenstrom, A., Weber, T. P. and Fero, O.
Oikos vol: 112 , Pages: 580 - 593

Full list of publications

Research Interests

I am interested in behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology. Specifically, I am interested in whether the observed behaviour of organisms can be understood as the product of the action of natural selection.

One major current interest is in evolutionary game theory, particulary negotiation strategies and the effects of variation in traits. Another mjor interest is in life history theory, particulary how trade offs are mediated by physiological state.

Research Themes

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